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  • 2022/5/6
    Talking about the Adjustment Performance of Pneumatic Actuator and Electro-hydraulic Actuator
    Since the air is compressible, the stability of the pneumatic transmission system is poor, which has a great impact on the accuracy of position control and speed control. Therefore, the positioning signal of the pneumatic actuator usually produces an execution error with a resolution of about 3~5%. This leads to inaccurate valve positioning correction, the valve should be closed but not closed, and at the same time, it cannot be positioned due to the execution error caused by the resolution, so that the position feedback of the positioner continuously corrects the position, and the entire control loop swings and oscillates or loses control. In addition, because the working medium air itself has no lubricity, an oil lubricating device must be installed in the air circuit. Compared

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  • 2022/4/29
    What should be paid attention to in the valve
    In industries that require temperature, high and low temperature cycle temperature control system equipment has been widely used, which can realize two functions of heating and cooling. During cooling and heating, the temperature change in the thermostat can be realized by the circulation of the fluid medium (refrigerant), so as to achieve the temperature required by the process. 1. What is the function of the valve of the high and low temperature cycle temperature control system? 1.1. The valve is used to control the flow and direction of the refrigerant. Valves are required for closing and starting. Valves should be installed where they can be easily removed and serviced. Set up various valves, pay attention to the direction of refrigerant flow, a

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  • 2022/4/22
    National Pipeline Network West-East Gas Transmission to Hunan
    It is reported that recently, it was learned from Changsha gas transmission branch of west east gas transmission of national pipe network that the company successfully completed the task of ensuring the supply of natural gas in Hunan Province in winter, and transported 1.625 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Hunan Province, a year-on- year increase of 9.26%. Changsha gas transmission branch of West to east gas transmission of national pipeline network has transported 1.625 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Hunan Province, a year-on-year increase of 9.26%. Changsha gas transmission branch takes safety production as the foundation, emergency response as the starting point and market development as the driving force to build a solid gas barrier for the rapid

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  • 2022/4/15
    The first batch of 12 affordable wind power and photovoltaic projects of Inner Mongolia power group were approved
    It is reported that recently, the first batch of 12 affordable wind power and photovoltaic project connection projects of Inner Mongolia Power Group have been approved, involving 12 photovoltaic wind power projects of more than 10 new energy investment enterprises such as Guodian, Huadian, China Resources and Mingyang, with a total installed capacity of 2.3 million KW, distributed in Ulanqab, Erdos, Bayannur, Wuhai, Alxa and other regions. According to the objectives of "two pioneers" and "two surpasses" clearly put forward in the report of the 11th Party Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia electric power group gave full play to the advantages of power grid resource allocation, went all out and made active deployment, formulated a new energy grid

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  • 2022/4/8
    The development pattern of my country's three major oil and gas trade ports has taken shape initially
    The port is the window of foreign trade, and oil and gas trading is one of its most important businesses. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to "give greater reform autonomy to the free trade pilot zone and explore the construction of free trade ports", and domestic ports, large and small, responded one after another. Zhoushan Port, Tianjin Port and Huizhou Port, as coastal oil ports in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Bohai Economic Circle and the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, play the leading role of the Shanghai Futures Exchange in the oil and gas trade and financial market, and lead the surrounding ports to continuously explore suitable ports for themselves. The oil and gas development path has made the domestic port oi

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  • 2022/4/1
    Vigorously rectifying water pollution has promoted the development of the domestic valve industry
    As the name suggests, a cryogenic valve is a valve that can work in cryogenic low temperature conditions. To demarcate its working temperature, a valve with a working temperature lower than -40 °C is usually called a cryogenic valve, which is mainly used for gas liquefaction, Separation, transportation and storage equipment, the operating temperature can reach below -270 ℃, there are gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and throttle valve and other types. In recent years, the use of ultra-low temperature valves has become more and more extensive, and it is one of the indispensable and important equipment in petrochemical, air separation, natural gas and other industries. , and the permeability is strong, so it determines many special requir

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  • 2022/3/25
    Increasing oil and gas development is the key to energy security in the near and medium term
    At present, green and low carbon has become the consensus of the mainstream society in the world. The Chinese government has committed to strive to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. To this end, while vigorously developing non-fossil energy, "removing coal and reducing oil" and gradually reducing the share and quantity of natural gas in energy consumption have become the main theme of the future development of the energy sector. In the context of "dual carbon", the concept of "green finance" is heating up. Some people propose to significantly reduce investment in fossil energy and require financial institutions to stop providing loans for it. The argument that oil and gas is a "sunset industry" has resurfaced. But the completion of the energy tran

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  • 2022/3/18
    What are the main characteristics of bellows gate valve?
    Bellows gate valves are widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, etc. A valve can be widely used in many fields and must have its own advantages. So what are the advantages and characteristics of bellows gate valves? Feature 1: Strong durability. During the research and development process of the bellows gate valve, attention is paid to optimizing the selection of materials, so that the bellows gate valve has strong durability and supports the long-term production of enterprises. Feature two: good performance. The bellows gate valve has good performance of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, so it can be used in areas with relatively large annual temperature difference; the bellows gate valve has good corrosion resistance, which

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  • 2022/3/11
    The importance of stainless steel gate valve in production and life
    Stainless steel gate valve has great value in current industrial applications, so its application value is shown by the pen skin? First of all, it can transport a variety of different media, and in the current industrial age, the entire production or life process is inseparable from transportation, and it is necessary to use it when transporting. gate. For example, medium in industries such as water, air, steam, etc. is transported. At this time, the gate valve is also a kind of equipment that must be used, and it can also transport highly corrosive media in many industrial applications. We also all know that some media are highly corrosive, which will affect the service life. However, if stainless steel gate valve is used, it can also have good corrosion resistance, such as

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  • 2022/1/14
    Water conservancy projects serve people's livelihood, which is very important for manufacturers to select high- quality pressure reducing valves
    Water conservancy projects are not only important basic projects, but also important livelihood projects. In the construction of various water conservancy projects, the pressure reducing valve is naturally inseparable. The pressure reducing valve plays an important role in the construction of water pipelines, hydroelectric gates and water pump projects. In the construction of water conservancy projects, if the performance of the pressure reducing valve is not ideal, it may affect the normal delivery and use of the water conservancy project. To create high-standard water conservancy projects, high-quality pressure reducing valves must be guaranteed. The pressure reducing valve is a valve that reduces the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure through adjus

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  • 2022/1/7
    Vigorously rectifying water pollution has promoted the development of the domestic valve industry
    Now our country’s environmental problems are very serious, causing great harm to our lives and production. Government departments have been vigorously rectifying, and constantly promulgating various policies for governance. Under this severe situation, the environmental protection valve industry has also developed very well. Urban sewage treatment equipment has greatly promoted the production and sales of environmentally friendly valves. The water pollution in our country is very serious. Both the ground and groundwater are very polluted. my country's sewage treatment technology is still relatively rudimentary, and the pollution level is far greater than the sewage treatment effect. Now we have realized the seriousness of environmental pollution. The treatment of domestic sewage a

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  • 2021/12/31
    Why should paper industry choose stainless steel gate valve
    The current paper industry is very developed, but when paper is made, water or some other chemical liquefaction is generally used, and for these liquids, they must be transported well when they are used. As long as the valve is used for transportation, stainless steel gate valve is a better choice. Why do you say this? This kind of valve can perform a variety of functions. First of all, when it is in use, it can perform good functions of interrupting, diverting, and merging. The various functions make it very suitable for the needs of the paper industry when it is used. So it is a preferred type of valve in this regard. Another point is that stainless steel gate valves have advantages in materials. Stainless steel materials have strong performance in terms of high temperatur

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  • 2021/12/24
    The first LNG filling station in inland rivers in China was put into operation
    It is reported that recently, the LNG filling station and LNG container terminal project of Anhui Wuhu Yangtze River LNG inland receiving (transfer) station project, which is generally contracted by CCCC Second Harbor Institute and participated by CCCC Second Harbor Bureau, has been completed and put into operation. The project is located in gao'anwei operation area of Sanshan Port Area, Wuhu City. The main construction contents include the construction of a new 5000 ton LNG filling berth, a 10000 ton LNG container berth, rear tank yard and corresponding supporting facilities. The project is the first inland LNG project in China, which opens up a new idea for the development of clean energy industry in inland ports. It is of great significance to promote the constr

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  • 2021/12/17
    Selection criteria for valve positioners
    In many control applications, the valve positioner is one of the important accessories of the regulating valve. Especially for a specific application, if you want to select an applicable (or excellent) valve positioner, you should pay attention to the following factors: 1. Can the valve positioner achieve "split_ranging"? Is it easy and convenient to realize "split process"? The "split range" function means that the valve positioner only responds to a certain range of input signal (such as 4 ~ 12mA or 0.02 ~ 0.06mpag). Therefore, if you can "split range", you can control two or more regulating valves successively with only one input signal contact according to the actual needs. 2. Is the adjustment of zero point and range easy and convenient? Can the zero point and range be

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  • 2021/12/10
    China's nitrile rubber industry has entered the forefront of the world, and the horn of a powerful country has sounded
    In the rubber and plastic industry, as one of the most representative rubbers with excellent comprehensive properties such as oil resistance, physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance, nitrile rubber is widely used in the manufacture of various oil resistant rubber products, a variety of oil resistant gaskets, gaskets, sleeves, flexible packaging, flexible hoses, printing and dyeing rubber rollers, cable rubber materials, etc. this special synthetic rubber is widely used in automobile, aviation, petroleum It has become an essential elastic material in industries such as copying. In 2019, the consumption of nitrile rubber in automobile and transportation industry is prominent, accounting for more than 50%. China is a large consumption area of nitrile ru

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